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Clarke® Vacuums

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The CarpetMaster® 200 Series Dual Motor Uprights are available in three sizes 12, 15, and 18 inches.

Features & Specs:
* High productivity dual motor cleaning wihout the fatigue
* Easy to use, mobile, light handle weight
* On-board tools and quick-draw hose
* Convenient grip handle for easy lifting
* Easy maintenance features
* HEPA filtration
* Bag indicator light
* Parts schematic >


Features & Specs:
* 30" cleaning path
* Dual vacuum motors create 224 CFM & 63" of static water lift
* Quad-row chevron designed brush for efficient debris recovery
* Independent vacuum/brush switches for convenient accessory operation
* 1 bushel disposable paper filter bags maximize productivity
* HEPA filter and cloth bag option satisfy and facility's clean air requirements
* 5 position pile height adjustment for added versatility
* Folding handle for convenient storage in crowded supply closets
* Parts schematic >


Comfort Pak

Features & Specs:
* Available in 6 and 10 quart sizes
* 4-stage filtration, HEPA filter optional
* Swivel hose allows for left or right hand operation
* Unique harness design lets cool air move around operators back
* Comes with a standard tool kitMbr />* Green label approved by CRI
* Parts schematic >

Euroclean GD930

Features & Specs:,br />* 4 gallon (15L) dust collection bag
* Injection molded cover
* Durable chrome plated steel tank
* Dual mode floor tool
* Foot operated on/off switch
* Parts schematic >

Hip Vac™

Features & Specs:
* CRI Green Label Approved
* Your choice of standard 650 Watt motor or the Hip Vac Sr, with a 1000 watt motor
*Lightweight at only 6.4 Pounds with heavily padded belt for operator comfort
* Includes 12 inch combination floor tool, upholstery/dust brush, paddle tool and service tool
* Available HEPA filtration model
* Parts schematic >

ReliaVac 12/12DC/12HP/16HP

Features & Specs:
* 4 models to choose from
* 7 amp motor
* 50' yellow cord
* Low cost maintenance
* Steel brush roller
* Top filling shake-out bag comes standard on model 12
* Model 12DC comes with clear plastic dirt cup
* Models 12HP and 16HP comes with zipper bag that holds disposable paper bags

*parts schematic ReliaVac12

*parts schematic ReliaVac 12DC

*parts schematic ReliaVac 12HP

*parts schematic ReliaVac 16HP



UZ934 & UZ934-H

Features & Specs:
* Lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport
* Powerful 1,000 Watt two stage motor
* Stable in a vertical position for cleaning stairs and for other stationary applications
* Standard model features three stages of filtration and HEPA model available
* Parts schematic

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