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We will be answering and posting FAQ's that we would like to share to help answer some of your questions before contacting  us.

  1. Which is better bagged or bagless????
      Answer: It is based on preference. Hope the basics can help you decide below.


Bag Less

Pros: Provides added filter protection to exhaust filters. Minimum dust blow back when replacing. Ease of disposal and change. 

Cons: Increase of operating expense with replacement bags. Stressing of motor and decrease suction power if not frequently replaced.

Pros: Cuts cost on replacement bags. Maximum suction and prolonged motor life.


Cons: Exhaust filters clog frequently. Dust blow back when cleaning out cup.


  2. What if I ordered the wrong part??     

   Answer: Give us a call and we will correct the order. Our job is your satisfaction.

  3. There are so many vacuum brands, how do I shop for a vacuum that would            benefit my needs?

   Answer:  Give us a call and we will help you find the one that is suitable, or better yet, one that will fit you like a glove.  When choosing a vacuum you have to keep the following in mind; your physical ability, allergies, floor or carpet area space, type of floor or carpet, accessories, stairs, storage, canister or upright vacuum and finally, shopping price range.

  4. What height should the nozzle adjustment be set at?

     Answer:  Based on the type of carpet you are vacuuming, pick a setting which corresponds to the correct type of carpet. If the cleaner is difficult to push with that setting, try the next highest setting.

  5. How often should I change the bag in my cleaner?

   Answer: Under normal use conditions, the bag should be changed when it becomes filled to the indicator line on the bag. Certain models are equipped with a "Check Bag" indicator which is activated when the bag becomes full.

  We would like to help make this visit a pleasant one where you can count on reliable service and customer care, after all we are "THE CARPET AND FLOOR CARE PEOPLE.


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